Talent Boost for international students: Find your career in Häme!

TE-live Häme 11.10.2022

Are you a student in Häme region and interested in working in a local company? Welcome to TE-live to learn about the best tips how to build a steady career step by step starting from internship or part-time work while studying and then finally entering into a full-time work.

Our guests Managing Director Jussi Eerikäinen from Häme Chamber of Commerce and Career Services Coordinator Elina Hannikainen-Himanen from LUT&LAB Career Services will be guiding us through the topic and we will also watch an inspiring video of one of the student success stories and about the services which Lahti Talent Hub provides. After the broadcast you will have the knowledge about the work opportunities in Häme and which organisations will provide help.

To contact LUT&LAB Career Services, please use this e-mail address: careerservices@lut.fi

Watch the TE-live Häme video on youtube: