Foreign Export Documents

Chambers of Commerce issue companies with foreign trade documents, such as European Union general certificates of origin, ATA carnet customs documents, invoice confirmations, Force Majeure and other special certificates at the request of trading parties and the authorities of the exporting country.

In order to guarantee the reliability of the invoice, the copy of the invoice that is submitted to the Chamber of Commerce for archiving must bear the binding signature of the seller. A signed copy of other documents to be confirmed must also remain with the Chamber of Commerce.

Some countries require legalization and / or validation of documents. Legalization means an act performed by the consulate or other diplomatic mission of the country in question, while confirmation is an act performed by the Chamber of Commerce.

Foreign trade documents can be confirmed at the Häme Chamber of Commerce Mon - Fri 9.00 - 11.30 and 12.30 - 16.00.
Customer service tel. 040 455 5610
Lahti office
Aleksanterinkatu 17 A, 4th floor, 15110 Lahti
Hämeenlinna office
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ATA Carnet

The ATA Carnet is an internationally recognized customs document permitting duty-free and tax-free exportation and importation of goods into countries and territories that have joined the ATA and Istanbul Conventions

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Special Licenses

Upon request, the Chamber of Commerce may issue a special certificate, which shall be drawn up on the Chamber of Commerce's own document with the stamp and signature of the Chamber of Commerce

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European Union Certificate of Origin

The European Union Certificate of Origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce is used in trade between the European Union and third countries. The certificate is required for countries with which the Community does not have free trade agreements, but which need a certificate of origin for the proper allocation of various trade policy measures, such as restrictions, quotas or prohibitions, and for external trade statistics.

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