Membership of the Chamber of Commerce is a profitable investment in the future, as the Chamber of Commerce is a co-operation organization for the entire business community.

Chamber of Commerce membership provides

1. Extensive network of contacts

By networking, you create contacts with business decision-makers in the area and get opportunities to find new customers, partners and experts.

2. Current training

You can provide your staff with the most up-to-date chambers of commerce training from taxation to financial management and management to marketing. Read more

3. Legal and tax advice

Get free basic legal and tax advice. Read more

4. At your disposal a network of experts

Our network has a wide range of experts who help companies develop their operations. Read more

5. Current news

You will be among the first to read business and corporate news from member bulletins, guides and reports, as well as the diverse publications of the Chamber of Commerce book series.

6. Interesting events and visibility

In the Chamber of Commerce's events, publications and trainings, as well as in the service, you get valuable nationwide visibility and contacts for your company. Through the Finncham network and the World Chambers Network, you get global connections.

7. Tools for internationalization

Chambers of commerce provide support and encourage companies of all sizes to grow and internationalize.
When your company wants to internationalize, you get up-to-date market information from us and find extensive networks in Finland and around the world through us.

8. Document services for international trade

The Chambers of Commerce issue and confirm the foreign trade documents required for international trade and you also receive a 50% discount on the ATA Carnet customs document. You can order contract templates and guides from the International Chamber of Commerce to help you draft contracts. As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you get a 5% discount.

9. Opportunities to influence the business community

With the help of the Chamber of Commerce's unique and diverse networks, you can influence the development of business both regionally and nationally. The positions of trust of the Chamber of Commerce provide opportunities for influencing the representatives of your company. Read more

10. Cheaper membership prices

As a member, you get a discount on training, the Central Chamber of Commerce's badges of merit, expert events, foreign trade documents and the Chamber of Commerce's publications. You can obtain fresh and reliable Professional Books from the Chamber of Commerce in your company's library or use the electronic Chamber of Commerce information online service, where you can always find up-to-date information, e.g. employment, tax, accounting and payroll matters.