European Union Certificate of Origin

The European Union Certificate of Origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce is used in trade between the European Union and third countries. The certificate is required for countries with which the Community does not have free trade agreements, but which need a certificate of origin for the proper allocation of various trade policy measures, such as restrictions, quotas or prohibitions, and for external trade statistics.

Companies can check from the EU Market database to see if the exporting country requires a certificate of origin.

Please note, The European Union Certificate of Origin certifies the origin of goods and does not qualify for preferential tariff treatment (movement certificate EUR.1 issued by customs)

Customers apply for confirmation of certificates of origin and other documents via the electronic service. is an electronic transaction service for foreign trade documents. It allows a company to apply for European Union certificates of origin as well as for confirmation of documents such as invoices, packing lists and price lists. The electronic export document service enables fast processing from the terminal and is location independent. Certificates and other documents are stored and easily found and used as a basis for new applications.

We will confirm the documents received though during office hours